Behind The Props: The Horror Show Sign

The Horror Show: Sign- Created by Tom Dead Stuff

The Horror Show Sign:-Created by Tom Dead Stuff

Hey Everybody, and welcome back to The Horror Show Blog! Today we would like to showcase one of our newest additions to our set. You guessed right, it’s The Horror Show sign! You will find this fantastic piece of art featured in most of the Episodes in Season Two. This incredible prop was donated to us by Tom Deadstuff.  You will remember Tom from our Phoenix Comic Con episode that features many cool terrorizing Artists, Fans,  and Celebrities. If you haven’t seen that episode yet, we encourage you to do so, there you will be able to see a great mix of all of his work. Tom Deadstuff is a three dimensional artist that specializes in custom box art and wall pieces for any occasion—but especially the stranger ones. His unique use of paper mache allows his creations to be “amazingly strong and thin with plastic-like properties”. We are so incredibly lucky to have met Tom because his work is something we and all our viewers will appreciate for years to come! If you are in the market for your own custom made zombie piñata, creepy wall art, or even a simple, yet twisted decorative piece we highly recommend you check out TOM DEADSTUFF’S ODDITIES  or find TOM DEADSTUFF on FaceBook today! Make sure to come back tomorrow to watch the first episode of Season Two! Oh and one last thing … STAY SCARED!

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