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Behind The Props: Bloody Ruxpin A.K.A. Scare Bear

    Hello Everyone! Welcome back to The Horror Show Blog! Today we want to introduce you to another amazing prop new to The Horror Show this season. We would like to properly introduce you to Bloody Ruxpin A.K.A. Scare Bear.  This huggable guy was created by Germ Spider Designs and you will find him on set hanging out […]

Behind The Props: The Horror Show Sign

Hey Everybody, and welcome back to The Horror Show Blog! Today we would like to showcase one of our newest additions to our set. You guessed right, it’s The Horror Show sign! You will find this fantastic piece of art featured in most of the Episodes in Season Two. This incredible prop was donated to […]

The Horror Show: Behind the Camera

Hey everybody welcome to The Horror Show blog!  What better way to kick off our blog than by providing you with a little perspective on what is happening on the set? Everyone is so excited to be back at the studio filming our second season! We just finished up two days of successful shooting and […]